Studio Notes


Roger Chilton

I am interested in the art of creating connections, conversation, community, and cooperative enterprise around common interests, and in exciting interest in the experience of the arts and the art of creating. I think when we create connections across our cultural differences we come to understand, appreciate and value the contribution of our cultural diversity.

Art creates connections across our cultural differences and contributes to our ability to discover our common interests, ideas and experience of the world. Our creative community is our resource for our cultural development. Open access to information and ideas contributes to the democratization of power. Conversation around our common interests contributes to our ability to create community. Conversation around opportunities, ideas, and initiatives that contribute to our common interests creates cooperative enterprise.

I think we have the opportunity, the need, and the ability to create cooperative enterprise around ideas and initiatives that contribute to our common interests. Conversation is how we articulate the interests of our community, create ideas, and excite interest in opportunities for community organizations, business, government bodies, and individuals to contribute to our common community interests.

I am engaged in creating communication centres like goinhome where people can connect, tell what they do and how they contribute, contribute information and ideas, be kept informed as circumstances change and new ideas and opportunities present themselves, and engage in conversation around ideas and initiatives that contribute to helping people get home and to reducing and preventing homelessness.


I have a background in engineering, management consulting, and communications. I was a founder of Western Management Consultants and Go Direct Marketing, contributed to the founding of the Vancouver Enterprise Forum and Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, and facilitated the creation of Tourism Vancouver.

My work has involved creating new enterprises, managing companies out of difficulty, and redirecting businesses, community organizations, and public bodies. I have worked with all of the City of Vancouver departments, the Vancouver Park Board, the Pacific National Exhibition and many other public, business, and community organizations facilitating conversation around their role and contribution.

I represent the interests of the Arts and Culture Forum of the Downtown Vancouver Association, I am on the Board of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver, and support the idea of a Downtown Eastside Community Arts Network.

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